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Our range of services help you keep your organisation compliant with health and safety requirements which state 

'businesses must take every reasonable precaution to prevent slips and trips in the work place'



We monitor the latest met office forecasts and road surface​ temperature, if the temperature falls bellow an agreed trigger point or snow is forecast we will activate our fleet to spread the required amount of salt or de-ice liquid to all the agreed areas whether that is carparks, loading bays, access roads or pedestrian walkways.

We use 100% white salt to minimise the mess associated with using brown rock salt

All vehicles are GPS tracked and data logged so all our movements are recorded.




When snow has been forecast all are vehicles are fitted with fully hydraulic snow ploughs, we are then ready to react immediately and not having to go back to base to have them fitted and waste valuable time.

Vehicle mounted snow ploughs are used for the larger areas like carparks, loading areas and access roads while pedestrian operated snow clearing machines are used for the pathways and areas not accessible to vehicles.

All our snow ploughs are fitted with rubber or polyurethane blades to eliminate damage to raised iron works or uneven ground   


We are able to attend on request to salt and clear snow 

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